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  • SC(B) Cast Resin Transformer
    CEEG's cast resin try type transformer holds a number of patents. The product is well-suited for indoor settings demanding fire and explosion protection, high temperature and moisture resilience, like commercial centers, residential areas, hospitals, and factories. The vacuum cast coil transformer also meets the rigorous standards for special outdoor environments, such as petrochemical enterprises. Furthermore, it boasts excellent resilience to seasonal load variations and overload conditions, making it ideal for choosing encapsulated distribution transformers.
  • SG(B)/SGZ(B) VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnated) Transformer
    CEEG is a pioneer in China to use DuPont Nomex paper as insulation material and the first to pass the KEMA E2, C2, and F1 tests for to build ventilated dry-type transformers. The product can be installed in places requiring strict fireproofing, and having large rating waves, dirtiness, and moisture, such as airports, subways, power plants, mines, hospitals, high-buildings, shopping centers, crowded areas, the oil industry, nuclear power plants, etc. 
  • SCRBH Amorphous Alloy Core Energy Efficient Transformer
    1. Reduce no-load losses by 60% To 80% compared to the silicon steel transformer
    2. Certified with China's national first-level energy efficiency, energy conservation, and seismic resistance certifications
    3. Green manufacturing with a shorter production process, leading to higher efficiency as well as environmental sustainability
    4. Ideal for enhancing power system efficiency and promoting sustainability
  • 35kV Oil-immersed Power Transformer
    Basic Parameter:
    Primary Voltage: 35kV-38.5kV
    Rated Capacity: 50kVA-75000kVA
    Phase: Three Phase
    Winding Type: Multi-winding Transformer
    Vector Group: Yyn0/Yd11/Ynd11 Models Available: S11, S12, S18, S20, S22
  • 110kV (66kV) Oil-immersed Power Transformer
    The CEEG 110Kv (66kV) power transformer performs well in high-temperature, high-load distribution networks and environments with shock loads and continuous overloading demands. It is widely used for urban power grids, power plants, utilities, manufacturers, and industrial engineering. Models available include S11, S13, S18, S20, S22, SS18, SZ18, SSZ18, and others. 
  • 10kV Oil-Immersed Transformer
    The CEEG 10kV oil-filled distribution transformer is meticulously handled at each stage to achieve low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, low partial discharge, high reliability, as well as no core hoisting and oil leakage.





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