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Unit Substation

CEEG's unit substations are highly customizable to meet the unique power requirements of each application. We offer a wide range of transformer sizes, switchgear configurations, and enclosure designs to choose from. The transformers can be oil-filled or dry-type, with ratings from 100 kVA up to 10 MVA and voltages up to 35 kV. The switchgear can incorporate various circuit breakers, switches, and protective relays as needed.

  • Prefabricated Unit Substation
    The CEEG compact substation integrates high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, and low-voltage switchgear, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The packaged substation features strong integration, a small footprint, low investment, and easy installation and maintenance. Rated voltages: 6KV, 10KV, 35KV. Enclosure protection ratings: IP54, IP33, with custom solutions available for special requirements.
  • Pad Mounted Substation
    The CEEG pad-mounted substation transformer integrates the high-voltage unit, distribution transformer, and low-voltage unit. The simplified configuration of the high and low voltage units makes it smaller in size and lower in cost compared to a prefabricated unit substation, and it does not have issues with heat dissipation. Transformers can be customized to customer requirements, including dry-type, oil-type, and amorphous alloy transformers.
  • PV Substation
    To reduce the overall cost of solar power plants and improve efficiency, CEEG introduces a complete photovoltaic substation composed of grid-connected inverters, transformers, high and low-voltage switchgear, and cabinets. This 50Hz 0.4-35KV three-phase AC PV system offers DC distribution, inversion, step-up, monitoring, and communication functions. It serves as a perfect alternative to the traditional "inverter room + step-up station," making it ideal for both distributed and centralized power generation.
  • E-House Substation
    The CEEG prefabricated modular substation (e-house) is a modular and combinable electrical equipment solution. It includes transformers, high-voltage switchgear and control equipment, low-voltage switchgear and control equipment, internal wiring, metering, compensation, arresters, and other auxiliary equipment, all configured within a common enclosure or set of enclosures. This complete substation is tested and commissioned according to relevant standards. Various enclosure options are available, including non-metallic and containerized types.
  • Integrated Energy Storage Booster and Converter Unit
    Turnkey Solution
    CEEG integrated energy storage booster and converter unit integrates photovoltaic inverter, transformer, and switchgear in one unit, fully tested at the factory to save on-site installation and commissioning time. The housing uses a container design, eliminating the need for special lifting equipment and making transportation and installation convenient.
  • KBSGZY2-T Mining Flameproof Transformer Substation
    CEEG's mining flameproof transformer substation consists of a high voltage vacuum switch or high voltage load switch, a dry type transformer, and a low voltage protection box or low voltage feed switch. It is designed to provide stable power in environments such as mines and tunnels where there is a risk of explosion due to methane mixed gas and coal dust, but no gases or vapors that corrode metals or damage insulation.





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