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Dry-Type Transformer for Tibet

Transformer Installed at an Altitude above 3500m

The 20MW PV energy storage power station in Zanda, Tibet, utilizes multiple SC(B)-2300/36.5kV epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers and two converter step-up integrated units from our company. The project site is located at an altitude between 3600m and 3800m, with thin air, low temperatures, low air pressure, frequent wind, sand, thunderstorms, and undulating terrain. The equipment is a crucial element of the power station which generates 39.4 million kWh of power a year due to their proven resilience in harsh conditions.

Our meticulous product design and manufacturing processes tackle significant challenges, such as adjusting for increased air clearance resulting from altitude changes at the same voltage level and a special transport plan for 5,600 kilometers over the mountains. As a result, our equipment helped to end the history of power shortages and restrictions in Zanda County.

In addition, our extensive experience in the R&D of dry-type epoxy resin transformers allows us to produce other breakthrough products in various types. We have high-voltage and large-capacity cast resin dry-type transformers for UHV power transmission, high-power multi-winding cast resin dry-type rectifier transformers, low-loss, high-voltage and large-capacity dry-type isolation transformers, multi-voltage and high-power test platform transformer for energy storage system, and others. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers across diverse applications.

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