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Energy Saving

Data centers and large utilities face huge power consumption every single day, while transformer power loss accounts for approximately 40-50% of the transmission and distribution losses. Consequently, energy-efficient transformers become necessary for those scenarios to save energy as well as electricity bills. CEEG transformers with cores made of high-quality amorphous alloy strips can achieve 60%-80% energy reduction compared with traditional silicon steel sheets.

Our amorphous alloy dry-type transformer is especially popular among data centers due to its significant role in building green data centers. They are used in data centers of the Alibaba Group、China Mobile International Information Port, China Telecom Information Park Data Center in Shanghai, China Resources Data Center, Shanghai Telecom Zhenru Data Center, Qingdao Telecom Data Center, Huawei's General Contracting Telecom Broadband R&D Center in Hubei Province, etc. Additionally, Xiong'an Railway Station (the largest train station in Asia) and Beijing Winter Olympics Stadium also use our amorphous alloy transformers.

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