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CEEG Received ISO50001 Certification for Energy Management Excellence

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We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious ISO50001 certification, recognizing our commitment to energy management excellence and sustainable practices.

ISO50001 is an internationally recognized standard for energy management systems, providing organizations with a framework to manage and improve their energy performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The certification underscores CEEG's dedication to optimizing energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement in energy performance.

During the audit period, the reviewers conducted a comprehensive review of CEEG including examining CEEG’s energy management system, checking how CEEG determines and breakdown its energy targets, controls energy consumption in production processes, analyzes major energy-consuming activities, conducts energy management reviews, manages key energy-consuming equipment, and compliance evaluations. The reviewing team highly praised our efforts and achievements in energy conservation, comprehensive energy utilization, energy reviews, and continuous improvement.

CEEG's journey to ISO50001 certification involved a comprehensive evaluation of its energy management practices. Before being awarded the certification, we had received 6 industrial certificates on sustainable practices including Green Factory, Green Enterprise, Green Supply Chain, Product Carbon Footprint, Green Design Products, and Intelligent Manufacturing Management System.

The reception of the ISO50001 Certification is a significant step in our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a more sustainable future for our community and beyond. It’s also our new starting point for further energy conservation efforts. In the future, we’ll continuously reduce the comprehensive energy consumption for every unit of product, strive to achieve greater results in energy management, and promote the sustainable development of our company.






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