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CEEG Introduces SCRBH Series Energy-Saving Dry-Type Transformer, Reducing No-Load Losses By 60% To 80%

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2024 event that AI and electric vehicles are expanding at such a rapid pace that the world will face shortages in electricity and transformers. A study by the Amsterdam Free University's School of Business and Economics further underlined this concern, projecting that AI server electricity consumption would match the entire energy demand of the Netherlands by 2027.


The escalating number of AI-related data centers necessitates the modernization of aging power grids. In response, CEEG has developed the "energy-saving vanguard" SCRBH series amorphous alloy dry-type transformers. This innovative series features patented semi-encapsulated three-phase & three-column design technology, significantly reducing no-load losses by 60% to 80% compared to conventional models.


Certified with China's national first-level energy efficiency, energy conservation, and seismic resistance certifications, these transformers are ideal for data centers and other applications seeking to enhance power system efficiency and promote sustainability.




Product Features

Energy Saving: The SCRBH series operates silently, releases no pollution during transportation, storage, or operation, and requires minimal maintenance. Key core features include:


1) Utilization of high-quality amorphous materials results in a 60%-80% reduction in no-load losses compared to conventional dry-type transformers, yielding significant energy savings and rapid investment payback.

2) A unique manufacturing process ensures high mechanical strength and a simple core structure, which are unaffected by transportation and vibration.

3) Three-column design of the amorphous core enables it to withstand ultraharmonics and allows for flexible Dynll or Yyn0 configurations.


Safety: The transformer employs the DuPont Nomex insulation system, offering high flame retardance, explosion-proofing, and exceptional fire resistance. Professional processing ensures superior mechanical strength and robust short-circuit resistance.


Reliability: With a Class H temperature rating of 180℃ and major insulation materials rated at Class C (heat-resistant temperature of 220℃), the product boasts a long service life, small partial discharge, and a high insulation level. It significantly prevents overloading, insulation damage to the core, maintenance accidents, and cracking.


Application Scenario

Suitable for locations with low power distribution utilization rates and stringent fire prevention requirements, including cloud computing data centers, rural power grids, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, subways, airports, and power plants.


Successful Cases

Successfully deployed in major data centers across China, including China Mobile International Information Port, China Telecom Information Park Data Center in Shanghai, China Resources Data Center, among others.






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