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Turnkey Solution For Energy Storage Transformer - CEEG's Integrated Energy Storage Booster And Converter Unit

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Are you in search of the right transformer for your energy storage system? CEEG's Integrated Energy Storage Booster and Converter Unit might be the solution you need since it boasts the following features:

Turn-key Solution

CEEG integrated energy storage booster and converter unit integrates photovoltaic inverter, transformer, and switchgear in one unit, fully tested at the factory to save on-site installation and commissioning time. The housing uses a container design, eliminating the need for special lifting equipment, making transportation and installation convenient.

Low Investment, High Returns

Compared to the conventional "inverter room + photovoltaic unit substation" design, investment is reduced by 15%~20%.

Two installation foundations are reduced to one, reducing installation and commissioning time by 50%. The inverter and transformer are connected by copper busbar, saving the connection cables between the inverter room and photovoltaic transformer box. Structural optimization saves two low-voltage switchgears between the inverter and transformer.

High Reliability and Safety

The dry-type transformer has passed the C2, E2, and F1 tests conducted by KEMA, a world-renowned Dutch organization for testing, inspections, and certification of grid equipment. The epoxy resin cast makes the product flame-retardant with no risk of explosion or fire.

Strong Environmental Adaptability

High corrosion resistance: The container housing uses high weather-resistant steel, which is more corrosion-resistant than ordinary carbon steel.

Insulation and thermal insulation: Heat shields are installed inside the housing, providing excellent fire, heat, and insulation effects.

Ventilation and heat dissipation: A special design is used in the air intake to prevent dust and sand effectively.

Flexible and Diverse Product Solutions

Designed according to the actual needs of customers, providing satisfactory one-stop solutions for them.

Over 10,000 CEEG energy storage step-up converter integrated units have been sold to more than 100 customers nationwide. They are also used in the Zanda County of Tibet, at an altitude of 3800 meters, providing power distribution services for a 20MW photovoltaic energy storage project. The products are widely used in renewable energy, wind power, photovoltaic power generation, hydropower, pumped storage, microgrids, and other key industries, and have been exported to countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

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