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CEEG Delivers New Transformer Solution For Energy Storage Systems

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Great news! CEEG high-power multi-voltage testing platform transformer for energy storage systems has rolled off the production line!


The Bottleneck in the Energy Storage Development

The energy storage industry is currently experiencing rapid growth. Energy storage inverters, with their flexible energy absorption and release capabilities and fast response characteristics, are increasingly becoming a core element in ensuring the stable operation of microgrid systems by effectively balancing energy flow.

However, the diversification of rectifier-inverter technology has led to varying voltage requirements across different energy storage systems, necessitating the use of corresponding transformers for almost every voltage level. This situation has highlighted significant shortcomings in traditional test power solutions, including high investment costs, large spatial footprint, and limited convenience, necessitating innovative breakthroughs to overcome the bottlenecks in the industry's development.

CEEG’s Groundbreaking Transformer

It is introducing the CEEG high-power multi-voltage testing platform transformer for energy storage systems! This transformer has successfully passed rigorous tests by a third-party inspection agency and is now available. The transformer meets the diverse voltage of different energy storage systems, breaking through the bottleneck and addressing the traditional issues such as high investment cost, large spatial footprint, and user inconvenience.

Product Features:

1.    High Power and Versatile Voltage Portfolios: The transformer offers high power and multiple secondary voltage portfolios with high precision, ensuring accurate matching for energy storage systems with different voltage requirements.

2.    Superior Performance Indicators: All key performance indicators surpass the relevant standards.

3.    Low Loss and Energy Efficiency: The transformer demonstrates low loss and significant energy-saving effects, providing users with an efficient and reliable test power solution.

4.    Exceptional Stability and Reliability: With excellent performance in anti-harmonics, high overload, and high overvoltage conditions, the transformer ensures the stability and reliability of the power supply, as well as the safe and efficient operation of the testing platform.

Our journey doesn't end here. Our ongoing focus on technological research and product innovation will continue to deliver high-quality, high-performance electrical products to the energy storage market!





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