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10kV Oil-Immersed Transformer

The CEEG 10kV oil-filled distribution transformer is meticulously handled at each stage to achieve low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, low partial discharge, high reliability, as well as no core hoisting and oil leakage.

Design Scheme: We utilize computer software to analyze the winding electric field under high voltage to precisely calculate the electric field gradient distribution. This ensures that the winding structure can withstand high-voltage impulses safely. Our core seven-level temperature control technology ensures optimal performance and reliability under various conditions through advanced temperature control of insulation materials, liquid flow circuits, overload protection, iron cores, seals, components, and short circuits.

testing process

Iron Core: The core is crafted from high-quality grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, cut by a shearing machine to produce minimal burrs. Multi-step and 45-degree leaning joints reduce no-load loss, no-load current, and noise efficiently. Stacking is completed by auto robots. The core clamping device adopts a board structure to achieve high mechanical intensity. Fastening nails ensure sufficient pressure on the transformer axis padding block.

Excellent Insulation: Nomex® paper is used for insulation to provide high-temperature resistance. High-temperature-resistant oil provides excellent insulation performance, an efficient cooling system, strong oxidation resistance, and good corrosion resistance.

Copper Windings: Inner coils are wound directly on the insulation barrel, with chamfering spacers and padding blocks applied to uniform the electric field and enhance stability.

Tank: To ensure no oil leakage, we use a corrugated tank with high heat dissipation efficiency, wide-width steel plates are employed to minimize welding seams on the flat roof of the folded plate-type tank, and the tank undergoes standard positive pressure and vacuum tests.

Protection System: In most cases, the thermal resistor temperature control system is applied in the transformer body, with pressure relief valves equipped on the tank's top. Oil indicators with contacts and vacuum relays are fitted on the conservator.

detailed drawing  detailed drawing 1

detailed drawing 2  detailed drawing 3

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