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Successful Shipment Of CEEG Modular Intelligent Substation

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Successful shipment of CEEG Modular Intelligent Substation


The modular intelligent substation exported by CEEG to Zimbabwe is shipped smoothly today!



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Prefabricated cabin modular substation usually adopts the mode of "whole station" equipment prefabrication, that is, the integrated design of high-voltage switch distributiondevice, transformer, low-voltage switch distribution device, compensation device, integrated automation system, AC and DC power supply system, environmental control system and cabin. All station equipment shall be prefabricated and installed in the factory. After passing the commissioning, it shallbe transported to the site in modules for docking, installation and commissioning. Reduce on-site commissioning time through factory production commissioning. Modular on-site installation reduces on-site construction workload and realizes "plug and play". Prefabricated cabin modular substation not only follows relevant standards and specifications, but also breaks throughthe traditional substation construction concept, integrates primary and secondary intelligent equipment modules, and realizes the rapid construction of substation with the new concept of standardized design, factory prefabricationand modular construction;The substation has the advantages of simple commissioning, reliable operation, coordination with the surrounding environment and easy selection of construction site; The floor area, building areaand investment scale of the substation are saved. The "four modernizations" power station construction of system integration, production industrialization, assembly modularization and construction simplification isan innovative rapid distribution station construction mode.


Characteristics of prefabricated modular substation

• Factory production;

• Modular transportation;

• Convenient installation on site;

• Small floor area;

• Short construction period;

• Low operation and maintenance cost;

• Fully enclosed, long life cycle and strong weather resistance.

For more information of CEEG prefabricated modular substation, please click the following photo.






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