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CEEG Was Invited To Attend The 14th Annual Of City-Rail Summit

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On December 3-4, the 14th Annual of City-Rail Summit was held in Hangzhou, attended by more than 200 people from universities, research institutes andenterprises in rail transit related industries all over the country. Dr. Lu Han of CEEG was invited to attend and make a keynote speech.


At the meeting, Zhou Xiaoqin, executive vice president of China Rail Transit Association, Chen Xiaohong, President of urban and rail transit Research Instituteof Tongji University, Yu Bo, deputy director of China Urban Rail Transit academic committee, and many other industry leaders discussed the development process of China's rail transit, the construction of smart city rail ofsmart city The practice of "joint construction and association" in TOD field and other topics were warmly discussed with the participants.

Dr. Lu Han made a keynote speech on the application exploration of anti harmonic amorphous alloy transformer inrail transit and had a technical discussion with the participants. By expounding the product advantages and application prospects of anti harmonic amorphous alloy transformer, the participants praised and affirmed the company'sconsistent product R & D concept of "vision, innovation and responsibility".



After selection by the expert committee, the company won the honorary title of "2020 manufacturer of high-quality power supply and distribution solutions for urban railtransit", which is fully affirmed by the Expert Committee for the contribution of CEEG transformer products and services to rail transit. In recent years, the company has won the bid for light rail and subway projects in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou,Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Wuxi and other places.


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