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Breakthrough Achievement: Introducing The CEEG High-Altitude Photovoltaic Boosting Transformer!

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CEEG proudly announces the successful development of the "SFZ18-200000/230/37 High-Altitude Photovoltaic Boosting Transformer," independently crafted and applied in the SPIC (State Power Investment Corporation Limited) Hengshan 100MWp PV project.

v2-810d467626cc2f924a986752e4f975591440wThis transformative innovation has passed rigorous inspections and tests administered by the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) laboratory, ensuring compliance with China's new energy efficiency standards and industry requisites.

This milestone not only underscores CEEG's prowess in energy technology innovation but also catalyzes fresh momentum in global green energy advancement. The SFZ18-200000/230/37 boasts notable attributes such as high capacity, minimal losses, and exceptional efficiency, achieving a remarkable full-load efficiency of up to 99.72% and being in alignment with Tier 3 energy efficiency specifications outlined in the GB20052-2020 standard. Moreover, it exhibits low partial discharge levels below 50pC, robust emergency overload resilience, sturdy unbalanced load tolerance, intelligent modularity, and short-circuit resistance, rendering it adaptable to diverse and intricate application scenarios.

v2-c82d05f6d211ad9f06bb42d5bcdc8a651440w  v2-204fd185f847c065b56383e3135649921440w

CEEG remains steadfast in our commitment to bolstering efforts in the renewable energy domain, contributing to our share in forming a modern energy ecosystem characterized by "green, low-carbon, safe, and efficient" practices.





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