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CEEG's Mining Flame-Proof Transformer Upgraded!

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Our new product features active radiating pipes and a zoned efficient heat dissipation design, enhancing its heat dissipation, insulation, and overall safety and reliability.

CEEGs Mining Flame-Proof Transformer

Improved Heat Dissipation, Extended Lifespan

Utilizing a zoned heat dissipation design, the top of the housing features arc-shaped corrugated plates, while the sides are equipped with rectangular corrugated components with active radiating pipes. The external side of the radiating pipe contains high-temperature gas from inside the housing, while the internal side circulates external air, significantly increasing the heat exchange area. The temperature difference between the top and bottom of the pipes creates active convective cooling based on aerodynamic principles, enhancing heat dissipation efficiency. This innovative heat dissipation structure effectively reduces the temperature rise of the internal transformer, slows the aging of the core insulation, and extends the product's lifespan.

Arc-Shaped Corrugated Top for Enhanced Safety

The top corrugated plate features an arc-shaped design with open sides, preventing coal dust accumulation. This design reduces the risk of high temperatures igniting accumulated coal dust on the housing, enhancing product safety.

Vertically Set Tap Adjustment Handhole for Easier Operation

The high-voltage side features a vertically positioned tap adjustment handhole. Compared to top-mounted handholes, this design allows operators to adjust settings while standing, eliminating the need for elevated work and reducing the risk of metal parts falling into the transformer during operation, making the process more convenient and safer.

Compact Frame Chassis for Easy Expansion

The bottom of the housing is constructed with a mid-thick steel plate welded into a frame structure with a drag sled, optimizing the use of bottom space and reducing the overall height of the unit. For power center products, this chassis design facilitates easier expansion. Wheels can be mounted on the bottom or ends of the housing, allowing for easy adjustment of the axle or center of gravity.

Smart Terminal Monitoring for Efficient Maintenance

The intelligent monitoring terminal has a standard communication interface, allowing easy integration with coal mine monitoring systems. This enables remote monitoring and comprehensive lifecycle management of the transformer.

CEEG's upgraded mining flame-proof transformer combines innovative heat dissipation solutions, enhanced safety features, and smart monitoring to deliver superior performance and reliability.





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