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ZPSG Rectifier Variable Frequency Phase-Shifting Transformer

The variable frequency rectifier transformer is specifically designed to provide multiphase rectified power for medium and high-voltage frequency converters. CEEG has developed the ZPSG-type Nomex-insulated VFD transformer, taking into account the diverse requirements of medium and high-voltage frequency converters.

The product range includes 9-phase, 12-phase, 18-phase, and 27-phase rectifier frequency conversion transformers, available in both self-cooled and air-cooled types. These transformers are distinguished by their compact size, strong overload capacity, low partial discharge, high short-circuit resistance, flame retardancy, low noise, and 40% energy savings.

Product Features

  • NOMEX insulation material with class-C insulation to achieve superior insulation with other benefits including heat-resistant, flame retardant, fireproof, and non-polluting.

  • Stepping Process: The core features a multi-step positioning structure that prevents lateral and longitudinal displacement.

  • Harmonic Filtering: Utilizes multiple technologies to effectively suppress and filter harmonics, thereby extending motor life.

  • Safety and Reliability: Windings are available in various structures with strong short-circuit resistance. A specialized air-cooling system ensures high cooling efficiency.

  • High Efficiency and Energy Savings: Offers strong overload capacity, approximately 40% energy savings, low partial discharge, and low noise.

  • Versatility: Meets the requirements of various frequency conversion systems, with products offering capacities up to 9000KVA and achieving up to 72-pulse rectification.

  • Custom Service: Provides custom designs, flexible solutions, and quick responses tailored to customer needs.

Technology Innovation

Reduced Harmonics: The secondary side uses an extended delta connection to reduce harmonic components in the input current.

Industry Pioneer: The first Chinese manufacturer to pass testing by the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Testing Center.

Leading Manufacturer: The largest Chinese manufacturer of high-capacity frequency conversion transformers.

Advanced Secondary Design: Features a phase-shifted secondary side with a layered structure for the leads, an aesthetical design.

Rectifier Variable Frequency Transformer 1

Rectifier Variable Frequency Transformer 3

Rectifier Variable Frequency Transformer

VDF transformer

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