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SG(B)/SGZ(B) VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnated) Transformer

CEEG is a pioneer in China to use DuPont Nomex paper as insulation material and the first to pass the KEMA E2, C2, and F1 tests for to build ventilated dry-type transformers. The product can be installed in places requiring strict fireproofing, and having large rating waves, dirtiness, and moisture, such as airports, subways, power plants, mines, hospitals, high-buildings, shopping centers, crowded areas, the oil industry, nuclear power plants, etc. 

VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) Transformer 1

Basic Parameters

Rated Power: 5 kVA – 30MVA

Voltage Class: 1.1kV – 27kV

Material Temperature Classes: H (180°C), C(180℃+)

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Impedance: 4%/6%

Vector Group: Dyn11/Yyn0

Tapping Range: ±2*2.5%/±5%

Winding Materials: aluminum or copperEnvironmental Temperature: -60 a + 60

Accessories: temperature control sensors, temperature control units, fans, boxes, anti-vibration devices

Available in multiple models, please check the enclosed product manual. 

Product Features

The product boasts strong overload capacity, high-temperature resistance, safety, reliability, fire retardant, moisture resistance, environmentally friendly, low noise, easy maintenance, low partial discharge, and crack-free.

1. DuPont Nomex® Paper

Establishing partnership relationships with DuPont in 1999, CEEG is the first company in China to apply DuPont Nomex® Paper as insulation material in manufacturing non-encapsulated dry-type transformers. Nomex® Paper gives the transformer a high insulation grade of class H or C. The wrapped windings keep a tight structure that can endure short-circuiting impact even after years of service.

DuPont Nomex® PaperDuPont Nomex® Paper   

2. Silicon Steel Core or Amorphous Alloy Core

The core of the three phase structure is manufactured by high-grade cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets lap-jointed at 45 degrees with 7 stepping seams, or high-quality amorphous alloy strips. The core is wrapped by insulated tape to insulate it from windings. A special square tube and draw plates are used here to fasten the structure. The surface is covered by moisture and rust-resistant resin. The design can effectively reduce no-load loss, no-load current, and noise. For the amorphous alloy core model, the no-load loss is decreased by 60%, and the energy efficiency is significantly increased.

Silicon Steel Core   Amorphous Alloy Core

3. HV & LV Coils

The high-voltage winding has a continuous structure to provide high mechanical strength and good radiation capability. It's excellent in damp proof and withstands heat shock, with partial discharge less than 5PC. The winding can be recovered after its service life. The F-grade DMD lamination low voltage foil is presoaked in epoxy resin for layer insulation and soaked through VPI-vacuum pressure-impregnating equipment and a high-temperature curing machine. The impregnation process is automatic to ensure a void-free insulation. Low voltage winding with high current taps are provided.

impregnating process impregnating process

4. Additional Features

Multiple voltages on primary and secondary sides to suit customer requirement

Fans can increase the emergency overload capacity

Self-extinguished performance provides higher resistance to fire than oil

Suitable for harmonic loading.

Core loop testing transformer for turbo gen sets.

Low energy content in the event of fire, reduced weight, excellent resistance to heat waves


CEEG dry-type transformers hold KEMA E2, C2, and F1 in Environmental, Climatic and Fire Behaviour classes, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 in quality, environment, occupational health and safety, UDEM, and other international certificates. We are one of the earliest manufacturers of dry-type transformers in China.

KEMA Certificate





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