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SC(B) Cast Resin Transformer

CEEG's cast resin try type transformer holds a number of patents. The product is well-suited for indoor settings demanding fire and explosion protection, high temperature and moisture resilience, like commercial centers, residential areas, hospitals, and factories. The vacuum cast coil transformer also meets the rigorous standards for special outdoor environments, such as petrochemical enterprises. Furthermore, it boasts excellent resilience to seasonal load variations and overload conditions, making it ideal for choosing encapsulated distribution transformers.

Cast Resin Transformer

Basic Parameters
Standard: IEC60076
Rate High Voltage: 6/6.3/6.6/10/10.5/11/20/35kv
Rated Low Voltage: 0.4kV/10.5
Capacity: 100-25000kVA
Core material: Silicon Steel
Insulation class: H or C
Cooling way: AN/AF
Impedance: 4-8%Vector group: Dyn11/Yyn0
Tapping Range: ±2*2.5%/±5%
Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
Please check the enclosed product manual for specific parameters.

Product Features

  • Highly reliable with low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, and robust heat dissipation capacity, with the ability to withstand 150% overload in forced air cooling conditions.

  • Outstanding moisture-resistant performance, capable of operation in 100% humidity conditions.

  • Safety, fire protection, and pollution-free operation, suitable for direct installation in load centers.

  • Equipped with a comprehensive temperature protection and control system.

  • Maintenance-free, easy to install, and offers low overall operating costs.

silicon steel core

Transformer Core

Designed to minimize stray flux losses, the iron is manufactured of grain-oriented and cold-rolled silicon steel plates with high magnetic conductivity. All laminations were lap-jointed at 45 degrees with 7 stepping seams. The surface is covered with special moisture-proof and rust-proof coating, preventing oxidation and corrosion and reducing noise.

Hedrich vacuum casting tank

High-voltage (HV) Coil

The HV copper coil features a multi-layer segmented cylindrical structure, reinforced with glass fiber and cast with epoxy resin using Hedrich vacuum casting equipment operating at 1-3 bar pressure, resulting in strong mechanical strength. This construction ensures that the partial discharge remains below 5PC.



Low-voltage (LV) Coil

The LV coil is made of copper foil. Internal welding is performed on the winding machine under argon protection to eliminate axial short-circuit forces in the event of a short circuit. Insulation between foils is achieved using prepreg DMD, and the upper and lower ends of the coil are sealed with epoxy resin. Subsequently, the coil undergoes drying in an oven.

LV Coil WindingLV Coil Finishing

Cooling System

The transformer can continuously operate at its rated capacity with natural air cooling (AN). Upon activating the forced air cooling system, our transformer can handle a maximum overload of 50% for a short period. This feature makes it suitable for sudden or intermittent overloads.

Cooling System

Temperature Monitoring Device

Our transformer is outfitted with an over-temperature protection device capable of:

Displaying the temperature of each and the hottest of the three-phase windings. Setting the sensor to issue both alarm and trip signals, and controlling the cooling fan as necessary.

Temperature Controlling Device

Transformer Enclosure

CEEG offers a range of enclosure options suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, with varying levels of protection including IP20, IP23, IP32, IP54, and more. Materials vary from iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, among others. Designed as an assembly structure, facilitating easy disassembly at the installation site. The top cover is removable for convenient access and maintenance.






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