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Rectifier for Hydrogen Production

The 1000m⊃3; hydrogen production project in Canada uses the CEEG ZHSZCB-5800/35kV hydrogen production dry-type rectifier transformer. The rectifier features a new insulation structure and manufacturing process, enhancing short-circuit capacity and electrical strength. During the design process, we thoroughly considered the impact of harmonics generated by rectifier components to ensure that the windings and core can withstand additional temperature rise caused by harmonics while maintaining low noise levels. The simplified grid structure allows for a combined installation with rectifiers and other electrical equipment, which saves the need for a separate distribution room.

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The world's first 100,000-ton green hydrogen production project, located in the Ordos, Inner Mongolia, utilizes the CEEG ZHSS-12000/35 24-pulse IGBT hydrogen production rectifier transformer. From the initial design phase, we made tailored improvements to our existing rectifier transformer technology to ensure the equipment meets the specific usage scenarios and operational conditions of the project. As a result, the equipment was quickly put into production, delivering immediate benefits to the client.

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