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High Voltage and Large Capacity Dry Type Transformer for Outdoor

The demand for inter-regional clean energy integration and stable power supply during peak periods increases the need for large-capacity and long-distance power transmission. The CEEG SCZ18-10000/35 high voltage large capacity dry-type transformer perfectly meets the need, supporting the clean energy transition and a robust power grid

Product Feature

1. Innovative Design for Extreme Climates

Utilizing low-temperature resistant materials and flame-retardant resin, this transformer maintains stable performance in cold environments while ensuring substation fire safety. It enhances reliability and durability in harsh climate conditions.

2. Special Anti-Creepage Coating

The transformer features a specially designed anti-creepage coating that effectively prevents erosion from frost and rain, ensuring safe and stable operation of electrical equipment even in extreme weather.

3. Compact Design for Transportation Solutions

The overall structure of the product is optimized to reduce space occupancy during transportation, lowering costs and minimizing potential risks.

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4. Specialized Fixation Scheme

The transformer is equipped with a special fixation system that effectively reduces vibrations and impacts during transport, ensuring structural integrity and stable functionality.

Throughout the design and manufacturing process, CEEG thinks about the problem holistically. We focus on the entire system to ensure that the substation operates efficiently and stably when faced with various challenges. The following are the approaches we take in making the product:

Market and Customer-Oriented: The growing demand for ultra-high voltage (UHV) and extra-high voltage (EHV) power transmission, coupled with the need for large power and stable performance from renewable energy installations, utilities, industrial plants, and other sectors, drives the need for high voltage and large capacity transformers with customized services.

Competitive Technology: The transformer utilizes on-load epoxy cast dry-type transformer technology and several other core technologies to achieve high performance.

Efficient and Stable: The transformer integrates core technologies such as high voltage and low voltage surge arresters and on-load tap changers, ensuring efficient and stable operation despite load variations and grid fluctuations.

Intelligent Operations and Maintenance: Equipped with an intelligent camera system and a backend intelligent wide-range voltage regulation function.

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