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Energy Storage Integration Services for Israel and South Africa

CEEG provided 15 integrated energy storage systems for Israel IEC, Afcon, BYD, and NR. These systems include our energy storage transformers as core components and comprehensive integration services, delivering a full set of energy storage solutions to our clients. Clients acknowledged CEEG's capability in the mass production of finished products.

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CEEG supplied multiple solar-storage integrated systems to South African clients. The systems integrate lithium iron phosphate battery clusters, PCS, isolation transformers, STS, ATS, EMS, and more. The initial product development strictly followed design procedures, including selecting electrical equipment, EMS management strategy programming, network topology, structural design, and thermal management. Due to their high safety and cost-efficiency performance advantages, these products have been widely used in South Africa’s solar power energy storage, wind power energy storage, thermal power energy storage, and industrial and commercial energy storage.

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