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Amorphous Core Harmonic Mitigating Transformer

CEEG zig-zag amorphous metal harmonic mitigating transformer is the first harmonic mitigating transformer in China. In addition to providing the basic functions of the transformer, it can effectively reduce the 3rd, 5th, and 7th principal harmonics and the three harmonics generated by single-phase loads, effectively mitigating the thermal effects of neutral point current and reducing the negative impact on data communication equipment caused by harmonic.

The transformer adopts an amorphous alloy three-phase three-column structure, significantly reducing no-load loss. It effectively reduces the impact of temperature rise on the transformer windings, slows down the aging of the insulation medium, and reduces harmful gases such as CO, SO, and NO, thereby greatly reducing environmental pollution.

Product Features

The CEEG Zig-Zag type amorphous alloy filter transformer can effectively eliminate harmonics through our patented “phase-shifting” technology:

  • The “phase-shifting” involves splitting the power input into multiple outputs, with each output phase angled appropriately to eliminate the targeted harmonics.

  • A phase shift of 60° is required to eliminate the 3rd harmonic current between two three-phase outputs; a phase shift of 30° is necessary to eliminate the 5th and 7th harmonic currents; and a phase shift of 15° is needed to eliminate the 11th and 13th harmonic currents.

Energy-efficient and high-efficiency: Utilizes amorphous alloy core, reducing no-load loss by over 75% compared to conventional transformers.

Easy operation and maintenance: Incorporates our patented three-phase three-column technology.

Safe and reliable: Designed for H-grade temperature rise, employs DuPont C-grade Nomex Paper as core insulation material, and boasts strong overload capacity.

Environmentally friendly: After its lifespan, copper and iron are readily recoverable, and other insulating materials can degrade.

Neutral current suppression: Effectively suppresses the influence of unbalanced loads.

Reduction of harmonic current in the neutral line of the low-voltage distribution system.

Reduce the harmonic current content of the neutral line in a low-voltage distribution system.

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