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AFWF Transformer

CEEG marine transformer has two cooling ways: self-cooled (AN) and fan-cooled (AF). We also provide the AFWF transformer, 12-pulse and 24-pulse rectifier transformers, and other models. They can be used for power supply, lighting, isolation, propulsion, and rectification in power grids.

Insulation classes include B, F, and H. The capacity of the low-voltage vessel/ship-used transformer (voltage level below 1kV) is up to 8000kVA; the capacity of the medium-voltage vessel/ship-used and offshore platform transformer (voltage level below 10kV)) is up to 8000kVA. We can design and produce products catering to specific requirements and provide product certificates from multiple classification societies including CCS, ABS, BV, DNVGL, LR, KR, NK, RINA, etc.

How does the AFWF transformer work?

The CEEG marine water-cooled transformer is suitable for various large vessels. It consists of two cabinets: the transformer cabinet and the cooling system cabinet. Fans ensure the safe operation of the transformer by transferring hot air from the transformer cabinet to the cooling system cabinet and circulating cooled air back to the transformer cabinet. The heat generated by the transformer is dissipated from the ship via circulating water in the water-cooled equipment, preventing adverse effects on other equipment and maintaining stable cabinet temperatures. The cooling system comprises main and auxiliary components, including fans, water-cooling equipment, air ducts, leak alarms, temperature controllers, and water tanks.

Product Features of the Marine Transformer

  • Moisture, Salt Spray, Mold, and Rust Resistance: The surface of the iron core is coated with a special resin.

  • Low Losses, Minimal Partial Discharge, Strong Overload Capacity, and Low Noise: The iron core material is 0.18-0.3mm thickness highly permeable, high-quality grain orientation cold-rolled silicon steel sheets which can reduce loss. A through-bolt structure is utilized to reduce noise significantly.

  • Special Technique Improves Performance: Coils are dipped multiple times in varnish, and electrical and mechanical connections use special processes.

  • Seismic Resistance: The silicon steel core uses a 45° fully oblique step joint and square tube draw plate structure. The core limb is bound with insulating tape, making it earthquake-resistant, flame-retardant, and highly insulated.

  • Easy Installation: The cabinet features a modular design for convenient and quick installation.

  • Customization: Tailor-made to meet specific needs, flexible design, and quick response.

A stuffing box for cable entry and exit is provided on the transformer's enclosure. The stuffing box is located on the left or right side. For transformers with capacities of 500kVA and above, the cable entry and exit method is generally bottom entry and bottom exit, with cable holes provided on the transformer base for cable scratch-proof and secure cables.

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature: -25°C to 45°C

Relative humidity ≤ 95%

Ship swinging angle ≤ 22.5°, tilt angle ≤ 15°

Conditions include condensation, oil mist, salt spray, and mold

Vibrations and impacts caused by transformers

AFWF Transformer 


China Classification Society Certificate

Det Norske Veritas Certificate





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