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220kV Oil Filled Power Transformer

The CEEG 220kV oil-filled power transformer is used in urban power grids, power stations, and large industrial and mining enterprises. It boasts advantages such as high overload capacity, no partial discharge, low noise, and short circuit resistance, enhancing the stability of power supply systems. Through a special design, we have reduced no-load loss by 20%, load loss by 5%, and noise levels by 3-5 dB compared to national standards. Models available include S11, S18, S20, SS20, SSZ20, SSZ22, OSSZ20, and others. 

Product Introduction

We provide the three-phase, three-winding 180,000kVA/220kV liquid-filled transformers for multiple power stations, with the following features:

1.  No Partial Discharge: Actual measured partial discharge is less than 50pC, lower than the background noise.

2.  High Efficiency and Low Loss: Innovative core and coil design, along with leakage magnetic flux control technology, effectively reduces additional and stray losses.

3.  Low Noise: Actual measured noise is below 60dB, significantly better than the national standard noise levels.

4.  Intelligent Design: Meets the operational requirements of intelligent substations.

5.  Maintenance-Free Design: Comprehensive design includes air self-cooling methods, fiberglass dry-type bushings, and metal corrugated internal oil-type conservators, free of routine on-site maintenance, making it suitable for unattended substations.

6.  Compact Structure Design: Adopt the industrial advanced 220kV end inlet method, resulting in a compact overall structure, facilitating easier transportation and on-site installation.

7.  Strong Short Circuit Resistance: Utilizes foreign short-circuit mechanical force verification procedures and ensures all assembly stages of the transformer body meet design requirements.

8.  Over 40-Year Design Life: Unique high-temperature-resistant hybrid insulation system based on temperature field simulation analysis, ensuring all transformer components have the same design life as the transformer itself.

9.  Passes All Routine and Type Tests at Once: The transformer's overall performance reaches advanced domestic levels.

High Voltage Testing Hall 

220 kV High Voltage Testing Hall 2220 kV High Voltage Testing Hall 4(1) 

230kv Power Transformer

230KV Transformer (1)

We Participated in Formulating a National Standard

CEEG is a main drafter of the National Standardization Guiding Technical Document of the People's Republic of China: GB / Z1094.14-2011 Power transformers Part 14: Design and application of liquid-immersed transformers using high-temperature insulating materials. This oil-type 220kV transformer has multiple models, please refer to the enclosed brochure for technical parameters.


national standard





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